QGIS is a popular open-source GIS with advanced capabilities. This website contains a series of tutorials and tips that show you how to use it to tackle common GIS problems. You may use these tutorials as a self-paced course to learn the software thoroughly. However, each section is fairly independent, so those familiar with QGIS can jump into any section.

You can also check out QGIS Learning Resources for other materials to help you learn QGIS.

This tutorials are written and maintained by Ujaval Gandhi, with translations and contributions from the global QGIS community.

Installing QGIS

All the tutorials are developed and tested using QGIS-LTR version. Follow our QGIS-LTR Installation Guide ↗ with step-by-step instructions on how to install QGIS for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Extending and Contributing

This document has been typeset with reStructuredText. The source code is open-source and avaiable on GitHub.



Many volunteers across the QGIS community have helped translate these tutorials in local languages.

The tutorials for the following languages have active translation teams and are available on this same website.

  • Chinese (Taiwan) (Translation by: Whyjay Zheng)

  • Dutch (Translation by: Dick Groskamp)

  • German (Translation by: Michael Gieding, Jörn Vorwald)

  • Italian (Translation by: Pino Nicolosi a.k.a Rattus, Francesco Pirotti)

  • Persian (Translation by: Chooghi Bairam Komaki)

  • Slovenian (Translation by: Krištof Oštir, Ana Potočnik Buhvald)

  • Spanish (Translation by: Eric Armijo, Juan Carlos Méndez, Felipe Raimann, Antonio Mireles)

  • Korean (Translation by: SongHyun Choi, Jung Eun Jang, Rosa Ahn, Haeseon Shin)

  • Romanian (Translation by: Sorin Călinică)

Many other languages are partially translated and are hosted externaly.

  • Finnish (Translation by: Kari Salovaara)

  • French (Translation by: Sylvain Dorey, Allan Stockman, Delphine Petit, Alexis Athlani, Florian Texier, Quentin Paternoster)

  • Greek (Translation by: Christina Dimitriadou, Paliogiannis Konstantinos, Tom Karagkounis, Despoina Karfi)

  • Indonesian (Translation by: Maruli Tua Manullang, Bakhtiar Arif)

  • Portuguese (Brazil) (Translation by: Narcélio de Sá, Wesley Kevin Souto do Vale)

  • Russian (Translation by: Marina Pavlova, Ilya Trofimov, Fayçal Fatihi, Константин Сергеевич)

  • Thai (Translation by: Phondanai Khanti)

  • Turkish (Translation by: Birkan, Tayfun Akçayır, Emrullah Karahasanoğlu, İnci Yalçın)

  • Ukrainian (Translation by: Igor Konovalov)

  • Vietnamese (Translation by: Hang Nguyen Thuy)

If you would like to help translate these tutorials in your langugage, please Join the team on Transifex. Please contact me at for any questions or help related to translations.

Support QGIS

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